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324개 항목 표시
abbreviation n.축약형,약어 
instructor n.강사,교사 
competition n.경쟁,대회,시합 
political a.정치와 관련된,정치의,정당의 
experiment n,실험 v.실험하다 
trial n.재판,공판 n.3수(의) 
gushing a.마구쏟아내는 
pull out v.옆으로 빠져나가다[나오다] 
neutral a.중립적인 
crowd n.군중,무리 
right away i.곧 
I am frustrated that~ 나는 ~에 좌절했다. 
We got side-tracked. 우리는 곁길로 샜다. 
hardly almost not at all 
give a presentation  
my fault  
I ran into him.  
how long  
pretend v.~인 척하다,가식적으로 행동하다,주장하다 a.가짜의 
combing hair 머리 빗질 
shop for ~을 쇼핑하다 
look for someone 누군가를 찾다 
discover v.~을 찾다/발견하다 
remaining a.남아있는,남은 
remaining tickets 남은 티켓 
remain v.계속(여전히)~이다,남다,남아있다 
to remain silent 침묵 지키기 
There were only ten minutes remaining.  
Very little of the house remained after the fire.  
In spite of their quarrel, they remain the best of friends. 그들은 다투기는 했지만 여전히 가장 친한 친구이다. 
ap·pear v.~인 것 같다,나타나다,보이기 시작하다,생기다,발생하다,출연하다 
She regularly appears on TV.  
reiterate  v.반복하다,되풀이하다 
fluently ad.유창하게,완만하게,우아하게 
take time i.시간이 걸리다 
practice n.실행,실천 v.실행하다,실천하다 
get...done, get...finished 마치다 
I'm not a fan of~ = I don't like~ 
passed away = died 
I want to be promoted = I want to get a promotion 
It is worthwhile(valuable). = I feel satisfied. 
I constantly have to upgrade my skills.  
I want to change my role at my company. 
arround 8:00  
from a business point of you 당신의 비즈니스 관점에서. 
gear = equipment 
subsidiaries n.자회사 
attract v.끌다,유인하다 
as I mentioned  
as a way to attract new client 새로운 고객을 유치하는 방법으로써 
new client => (business)prospective client 
It's five after ten  
It's a quarter after ten.  
It's ten thirty.  
It's a quarter to eleven.  
It's ten before eleven.  
polite <-> rude a.예의바른,공손한,정중한,예의상의 
How long does it take? > How long it takes isn't important 
Instructions n.지시,명령  
individual a.각각의,개인의 n.개인,개성있는 사람 
customs  n.세관 
to go through customs and passport control  
offer  v.제의[제안]하다. 
He offered $4000 for the car.  
afterwards ad.나중에 
How was it? What did you feel it? 
We've been together for 2 years since 2013.  
once a month three times a month 
It looks disgusting.  
It tells(notifies) me when we have an aniversary.  
on weekdays  
forehead in front of head 
pupil n.동공 
cornea n.검은자위 
(double) eyelid n.눈꺼풀 
swollen a.부푼,부어오른 
cheek n.광대,광대뼈(~born) 
chin n.턱 
elbow n.팔꿈치 
wrist n.팔목,손목 
calf muscle n.종아리 
thigh n.허벅지 
ankle n.발목 
Would you like some cookies? some: known 
Are there any cookies? any: unknown 
minute hand, hour hand the part of clock 
peak, foot, foot hills the part of mountain 
nod n.목례,끄덕거림 v.끄덕거리다 
yawn n.하품소리,따분한사람 v.크게 벌어지다,하품하며 말하다 
diverse [daɪ|v3:rs] a.다양한 
Take turns i.교대로 돌아가며~하다, 교대하다 
bracket n.괄호 
muSeum [mju|zi:əm]  
aMusement park n.놀이공원 
Recommendation n.권고 
express yourself 자신을 표현하다. 
inFerring meaning i.의미 추론 
matheMatics n.수학 
intoNation n.억양 
specific <-> general opposite 
take your pets inside  
They won 1-0 (one nothing) They got the bronze 
quarter final  
I returned the shoes and bought a different pair. 
I bought a pair of shoes.  
closed question, open question  
W question (open question) Who, When, Where, What, Which + How 
I was really into~ I was really Passionate [|pӕʃənət]~ 
What subject was your best? What was your best subject? 
keep in touch with friends keep in contact with my clients 
a lot of information  
I took medication and started to feel better. 
pessimistic <-> optimistic negative/positive thinking about all 
most students most of students(x) 
at the bus stop  
on the bus on the sidewalk 
on their way home  
at work  
grocery store n.잡화점 
Why were you there? (because) There was an interesting book fair.  
It was funny(movie) / enjoyable event. We had a good/great time. 
She felt very depressed about the future.  
attempt [ə|tempt] n.시도 v.시도하다 
I didn't know how to say. I got stuck. 
stuck in traffic  
nostalgia n.향수(좋은 옛기억) 
one's past my past (=my history) 
I stay up late I sleep in (= wake up late) 
She cried for 3 days  
Honesly speaking Truth be told 
Frankly speaking (directly)  
It was like a family member died.  
give away  
lying down  
running around  
sitting down  
turning around  
standing up  
shouting out  
We always sneezed.  
I'm allergic to dogs and cats.  
Put it down.  
Take it out.  
Throw it out.  
Turn it down.  
Work it out.  
useless stuff (=things)  
for the same reasons as you  
I have been blogging since 2004  
I think I know (the reason) why  
I blog about ways(way) to understand programmers  
How long will it take (time) for them to get their home. 
I didn't say anything about.  
get wet  
passive income  
people without programming skills  
spending money = extra money 
the cost of living is 'getting more' sxpensive going up, increasing 
top ten lists  
such as a  
Hi > My name is > Nice to meet you  
2 hours a day  
3 times a week  
once a month  
I have a 14 year old son.  
This building has 63 stories. This is a 63-story building. 
The one on the left. The picture on the right. 
The man on the left is black.  
The picture on the right has a tree.  
washed out  
whole body shape  
plump little too fat 
pointed jaw i.각진 턱 
He's wearing a pinstripe suit.  
consider v.숙고하다,중히여기다,고려하다 
velOcity n.속도/빠른속도 
announcement n.발표(내용)소식,발표(행위) 
I need to get a high score on the TOEIC test. 
I need to improve my credentials. credentials = spec 
I'm in first year university. I'm a freshman. 
freshman 2.sophomore, 3.junior, 4.senior 
My upstair neighbor. next doors neighbor 
It was soaked. I got soaked. 
Country (;Canada) Nationality (;Canadian) 
Switzerland (country) Swiss (nationality) 
German Germany 
Czech Republic Czech 
United Kingdom British, English 
France French 
The US(United States) American 
Portugal PortuguEse 
Egypt EgYptian 
Denmark Danish 
Poland Polish 
Spain Spanish 
Sweden Swedish 
Scotland Scottish 
as many as possible as soon as possible (ASAP) 
I have been to about 12 contries. I want to travel to the US. 
Do you prefer 'beash vacations'? Actually, I do. 
To be honest Honestly 
I went abroad. <> I went domestic. 
take driving trips  
He is currently in Africa.  
My parents have always encouraged me in my choice of career. 우리 부모님께서는 내가 진로를 결정할 때 항상 격려를 해 주셨다. 
encourage [ɪn|k3:rɪdƷ] v.격려하다,권장하다,조장하다 
annoy [ə|nɔɪ]  v.괴롭히다,귀찮게하다,짜증나게하다 
slippery a.미끄러운,미끈거리는 
I guess so... I don't want to argue. 
telented person  
funny -> funnier fun -> more fun 
funny a.이상한,익살맞은,기분이언짢은 n.농담 
generous a.풍부한,관대한 
fascinating a.매혹적인 
amuse v.즐겁게하다 
amusing a.즐거운,우스움 
activities [ӕk|tɪvəti] n.움직임,활기,활동 
name n.평판,명성 v.이름을 지어주다,명명하다 
go away for the weekend  
go by bus  
go for a walk  
go home by bus  
go out on Friday night  
go shopping  
go to a restaurant  
go to bed late  
go to school  
go to the beach  
have breakfast  
have a brother  
have a car  
have a drink  
have a good time wonderful, great, awesome, terrific 
have a sandwich  
get(=buy) a newspaper  
get(=take) a taxi/bus/train  
get(=receive) an e-mail/letter  
get dressed  
get(=arrive) home  
get up  
get a seat  
money problem financial problem 
I go to play golf  
The world economy is getting worse.  
crosswalk sign(signal)  
who did it? who dun it? (slang) 
He is wealthy. He is rich. 
I met my hometown friends.  
travel to  
old style = old fashioned 
rescue some people  
lieutenant = detective 
witness evidence(증거), 증인, eyewitness(목격자) 
He is lying.  
definitely adv.분명히,명확히 
new-hires orientation  
What's new? Not much, Nothing at all, Just working hard 
news stand  
clothing store  
grocery store <> supermarket 
spend money spend time 
browse v.둘러보다,훑어보다 
save money  
compare the price  
fitting room = changing room 
This jacket is on sale for 50% off  
a great value at that price  
you should haggle with the salesperson  
check out  
menu = 메뉴판 dish/thing = 메뉴 
would you like anything else? Yes, I want more. / No, I'm finished. 
Enjoy your coffee.  
Sure / Ok I accept 
Hot or iced?  
exemplary  a.모범적인 
run away escape 
look for search 
come in enter 
look into investigate 
turn over turn to the other side 
fall asleep go to bed, go to sleep 
take a nap  
take a bath  
come over visit 
around 10am  
down time free time, rest time 
take it easy relax 
necessary surgury elective surgury 
It is rare. It rarely happens. 
keep one's company be together 
likewise me too 
feel free  
It's only about a year old. It's under warrenty. 
I'm programming less than before.  
adiction; n.탐닉 adictive; a.중독성 
addicted a.중독된, n.중독 
It causes me stress. It stresses me out. 
He's going into middle school (now). He started middle school this year. 
personality = character 
What is his personality like?  
I told him you have to find your passion.  
I brush my teeth every morning. routines, present tense 
I eat chocolate when I'm nervous. habits, present tense 
I play tennis and listen to music. I like tennis very much. Hobbies and Likes, present tense 
Most koreans speak some English. Facts and Descriptions, present tense 
affirmative <> negative 
mostly cloudy, mostly sunny partly cloudy, partly sunny 
It's rainy. It's raining. 
surge n.해일 
hailstorm n.쏟아지는 우박 
flip-flops n.쫄쫄이 샌들 
faux fur [foʊ ~] fake fur (가짜 털) 
prohibit v. forbid 
I've known her for 10 years. I've known her since 2006. 
I'm not picky about weather. picky: adj.까다로운 
a picky eater a picky shopper 
offer n.제공,제안 v.제공하다,제안하다 
speculate v.사색하다,추측하다,투기하다 
speculation n.추측(guess),사색,투기(venture),도박(gambling,betting),공리 
specular a.거울상의 
Samsung has now released a new video showing what the devices are like in action. 삼성은 현재 장치가 어떤 모습인지를 보여주는 새로운 비디오를 발표했다. 
- leading to yet more speculation as to what the devices capabilities are. 이는 장치의 기능에 대한 추측을 더욱 불러 일으킨다. 
324개 항목 표시